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Roger Ringer WMA-Kansas VP

When entertainers in Western Music get together and start telling war stories of their travels and concerts there are two things that are pretty common.  First there is someone that tells them that they brought their kids, nieces, nephews, or others to the show that did not want to be there.  And after the show began they ended up really enjoying what was going on.

The second story is that when hearing the songs “they realize that this was the music they always loved and just forgot.”  This is because the mainstream music industry and radio tells them what they like.  The Top Forty format, in whatever genre’, continually repeats a certain number of songs and artists limiting any chance of hearing what does not fit their parameters.

There are people that do not accept the continuous offerings and find the artists and genre’ that they love and support.  Many times the only way to hear this good music is live concerts and festivals.  Our Western Artists are independent and do not have the support structure that record labels offer.  You will find that an independent artist has to manage, book, record, pay bills, set up, and travel without the entourage.

This also lets the fan get to know the artist on a one on one basis.  The Western fan buys the CD and DVD’s and refers the artist to others that need to hire great entertainment on a personal basis.  The artists have to be genuine and cannot hide behind publicists and managers to keep their persona popular.  They have to be likable.

This ‘likeability’ is why we are proud to say that when you come to a Western concert you will not be embarrassed to have your granddaughter or grandmother there.