At the end of the 2015 year I want to send out Christmas and New Years greetings to all the members and those who are curious looking at this website wondering about the Western Music Association – Kansas Chapter.  It has been a great year for our artists and fans.  I hope everyone had the chance to see our artists at work all over the state and nation.

     I extend an invitation to anyone interested in Cowboy Poetry and Western Music to attend one of our meetings and consider joining.  The WMA is a fan organization as well as for the artists.  We like to have a personal relationship with our fans.  We love the opportunity to catch the interest of the young people who have an interest in music and performance.  You will find that our artists are available for educational activities.  Many of our artists have formal training and love to share.

     Our quarterly meetings are held at the Prairie Rose Chuck Wagon Supper ranch.  Check this site for meeting dates and information.  We have a lunch and learn starting at noon and a jam session before we start into our business meetings.

     As much fun and work as we had during 2015 we hope to be even busier during the 2016 season.  If anyone is needing information on how to hire one of our artists for concerts, events, or informal house concerts please contact us.

     I also want to especially welcome Barry and Victoria Ward back home to Kansas.  It was hard to give up the mountains of Colorado but there are many factors that made the move back to Kansas feasible.  You will find that Barry is a multi award winning artist and a world class musician.  Check out his website for information.

     Being vice president for this organization has been a total joy to me.  I have not been able to be very active in the last year but am looking to a better year and better health.


Need a stage for your event? WMA-KANSAS now has a portable stage available for your use at a low price. Stage dimensions 18’x8’. Stabilizer jacks on each corner and rear step. 2” ball hitch with 4 pole light plug.
Unit is easily pulled by any vehicle.

Located at the Ringers Bunkhouse at Wildfire Ranch B&B 10 miles north of Medicine Lodge. Call Roger for availability and pickup. 620-213-2403


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Roger Ringer WMA-Kansas VP

When entertainers in Western Music get together and start telling war stories of their travels and concerts there are two things that are pretty common.  First there is someone that tells them that they brought their kids, nieces, nephews, or others to the show that did not want to be there.  And after the show began they ended up really enjoying what was going on.

The second story is that when hearing the songs “they realize that this was the music they always loved and just forgot.”  This is because the mainstream music industry and radio tells them what they like.  The Top Forty format, in whatever genre’, continually repeats a certain number of songs and artists limiting any chance of hearing what does not fit their parameters.

There are people that do not accept the continuous offerings and find the artists and genre’ that they love and support.  Many times the only way to hear this good music is live concerts and festivals.  Our Western Artists are independent and do not have the support structure that record labels offer.  You will find that an independent artist has to manage, book, record, pay bills, set up, and travel without the entourage.

This also lets the fan get to know the artist on a one on one basis.  The Western fan buys the CD and DVD’s and refers the artist to others that need to hire great entertainment on a personal basis.  The artists have to be genuine and cannot hide behind publicists and managers to keep their persona popular.  They have to be likable.

This ‘likeability’ is why we are proud to say that when you come to a Western concert you will not be embarrassed to have your granddaughter or grandmother there. 

Enthusiastic, Passionate Young Singers

From: Jeff Davidson, Chapter President, April, 2015

A couple months ago I was attending a conference in Manhattan, and happened to pick up a local magazine featuring an interview with one of the K-State Singers. This is a show choir at Kansas State University (see below) comprised of 16 young men and women. The young lady being interviewed spoke of the tremendous good feeling, the “rush” of being on stage and singing to the audience. It made her feel “so alive” to just sing. It was a great article about a young lady that so clearly enjoyed being a part of K-State Singers and was so enthusiastic about singing and sharing her talent with audiences.

Wow! It was just uplifting to read about someone so passionate about what they did. But then, it made me think. Do I feel this way when I get on stage? Geez, maybe not. Did I ever feel that way? Well, yes I think so – other than the stage jitters, it used to be rather electrifying to perform. As I thought about it more I realized that I needed to upgrade my attitude, regain that passion to perform. The next gig is not just another gig, it’s a very special one, a chance to perform to a special audience and engage them in the songs that I sing.

As I look through the WMA membership, I see that I’m not the oldest member, certainly not the youngest, but on the average our membership is a little “long in the tooth.” We’ve been singing or reciting poems to audiences for 40 plus years. It’s easy to lose your edge, get a little complacent, or even kind of wishing you didn’t have that upcoming gig. It’s simply impossible to electrify an audience when you’re low on juice. So – how do you stay juiced? Read articles about performers such as the young K-State singer. Find some new material (or write some) that is electrifying to you. Interact with other performers by attending the upcoming WMA-KS meeting at the Prairie Rose – and be prepared to share during our “jam” session. Success is seldom achieved alone and visiting with “like minded” folks is always helpful. Even at our age, continuing to learn and building on what we’ve previously accomplished is still required. We wouldn’t want it any other way – it’s what makes it fun and keeps us young.

The “Singing Ambassadors” of Kansas State University, K-State Singers is a show choir comprised of both music and non-music majors. Since 1954, the K-State Singers have been performing in cities across the United States as well as cities around the globe. The "Singers" have dazzled their audiences and shared their love of music with thousands every year. The group performs multiple concerts throughout the school year.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –
"Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure." ~ Earl Wilson